Friday, 31 October 2014

A strangely warm All Hallow's Eve

Today is the eve of All Hallows, or halloween, the night when traditionally the ghouls and ghosts stalk the land before the Christian feast of All Hallows (or All Saints) tomorrow.  We usually get a number of small children trick or treating so we always have sweets available.  Luckily there isn't any 'tricking' that goes on near us anyway, just small children with parents being very polite!

The weather doesn't feel right for the end of October.  It's very warm and we've had quite a lot of rain lately.  This does mean however that the funghi are having a field day at the moment.

Our lawn the other day, complete with funghi and aquilegia seedings

On the walk into work.  Possibly shaggy ink caps?
These three months of autumn into winter is my favourite time of the year.  As it gets darker and eventually cooler, I love wearing boots and layering up each day.  From October onwards, there is often a rush towards the bright spangle and glimmer of Christmas, but there are other festivals and celebrations and commemorations in the meantime to mark.  Halloween, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Stir Up Sunday, and Advent are all part of our traditions and need to be marked. 

Talking of Remembrance, I made a poppy the other day which I'm rather proud of.  It wont stop me buying a poppy from the Royal British Legion, but it shall have pride of place in our home.


  1. I love your little poppy! I do agree with you, I love Autumn and can only hope that these warmer days will gently stretch Autumn out this year, so it lasts longer than ever. Jane xx

    1. Almost as soon as you posted Jane, the weather has got cold! Hope you enjoy the cool autumn days :) xx