Thursday, 20 March 2014

The first day of Spring?

Today is officially the first day of Spring and of course, it is colder and duller than the last week or so.  It is almost as if Spring doesn't want to be pinned down and told when to start!  Everything is starting to bloom and bud in the garden though.  I took a little wander through the garden and took some pictures of the spring that is starting...

Everything is unfurling and slowly turning green.  I love this time of year, there seem to be endless possibilities and it all looks so very new.

Flowering currant


Even the roses are starting to bud
We are just back from visiting friends in Norfolk and spent some lovely days on the River Yare and looking at Norwich.  It felt that there were churches every few feet - there are still over 30 medieval churches in the city, most of which have other uses now, but in the early medieval days there were 57 churches just within the city walls!

The River Yare
We also visited the Castle and Cathedral.  The Castle was mostly just the main keep, it once spread across a far larger area, although where it could have fitted amongst all the churches, I don't know. 
Norwich Cathedral is a rather elegant Romanesque design, the cloisters were my favourite part.  I wonder if we can build some cloisters at Hazel Cottage?!

We ran out of time to visit all the things we wanted to, so we will just have to return one day.  I quite like the idea of visiting all of the 30 odd churches in the one trip, but we will have to see.  There are other adventures and holidays to plan before then.  It has been a long time since we've been to Devon due to weather and busyness, and when I haven't been there for a while amongst the leafy lanes and wild garlic I feel slightly bereft.

The March wind roars
Like a lion in the sky,
And makes us shiver
As he passes by.
When winds are soft,
And the days are warm and clear,
Just like a gentle lamb,
Then spring is here.


  1. A lovely post- Spring and Cathedrals seem to go together! I know what you mean about Devon. My Father came form North Tawton and we visited every Easter. As soon as the firstt signs of Spring come I have a yearning to be there smelling the primroses. Jane xx

    1. Thanks Jane, we hope to visit Devon again soon, before all the visitors appear and make it too busy! x

  2. I do agree with you. Norwich Cathedral is perhaps one of the most stunning cathedrals in the world that I have ever seen. It has those huge Romanesque arched ceilings and really intricate designs. Norwich has a lot more to offer and I think you’ll be very pleased if you explore it more. :D

    Jeff Riley @ Happy Guests Lodge

    1. Thanks Jeff, we want to go back to Norwich and explore it more. I'd certainly be glad to go back to the cloisters :)