Sunday, 23 February 2014

A 'typical' Sunday at Hazel Cottage

I was walking through the house earlier and took pictures of some of the interesting and random things that are currently happening at Hazel Cottage... 

Soil warming on a radiator ready for seeds

Rye bread proving in the washing basket

Parsnip wine fermenting under the desk in the study

Old books rescued from a jumble sale
My still unfinished patchwork picture in the sewing area
Daffodils on the hearth
Rye bread just out of the oven

In the garden, the crocuses are basking in whatever sunshine they can find, the snowdrops are nodding in the wind and I spotted two robins on the bird table this morning - almost time for nesting to start perhaps?

Wan February with weeping cheer,
Whose cold hand guides the youngling year
Down misty roads of mire and rime,
Before thy pale and fitful face
The shrill wind shifts the clouds apace
Through skies the morning scarce may climb.
Thine eyes are thick with heavy tears,
But lit with hopes that light the year's."
 Algernon Charles Swinburne, A Year's Carols: February


  1. Lovely goodies in this post. The bread looks fab!

    1. Thanks Anne, my husband is the talented bread maker here.

  2. These photos made me happy. There's something so comforting about the gentle pleasures of everyday life. Have a happy week. Jane xx

    1. I know Jane, I felt very happy walking around finding all these little pleasures around the house. Hope your week is full of gentle pleasures Jane! Liz x