Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Apple jam and patchwork hexagons

I decided to make Apple Jam with the apples from our tree (and some from a friend who is inundated this year).  I would usually make chutney with apples, but we have made a lot of marrow pickle and still have some left over chutney from last autumn.    

I found this recipe which is an old recipe   

It is pretty simple and I found a handful of blackberries from the freezer to add the bit of colour and taste they mentioned, as I didn't have loganberies.
Apples from our tree

The slightly tedious bit - peeling!

The ingredients in my new jam pan

Ta-da! Fourteen jars of apple jam! 
We found a rather dull modern pine wall shelf on eBay recently and Mr C did a lovely job on painting it and making it look fabulous.  It now sits on our bedroom wall in a little corner filled with old small books that were scattered about the house.

I've started putting together some hexy patches to make a patchwork picture.  I've got an idea what it will look like of course, and if it works well I will post a picture later on.  I've just started to make the hexagon patches and still have a way to go before I can sew them together.

Its now September and the weather has cooled down a little, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We seem to have a bit more rain too, which is very welcome.  The most exciting thing in the garden at the moment are the visitors we've had.  We saw a thrush on our bird feeder several times last week and last night we kept on hearing a loud kik kik kik sound from the garden.  It sounded different to the usual blackbird and robin sounds we hear, so I stood at the back door looking to see where it was coming from, and from the top of the large fir tree next door was what we think was a Great Spotted Woodpecker!  I managed to take a poor picture by zooming in madly, which helped us identify it.  This was wonderful news!


  1. I have never eaten apple jam, but I'm sure I would like it. I have a tree laden with apples, but they are a bit odd, not firm enough to be cookers, but too sharp to be eaters.
    I look forward to seeing your hexagon picture.

    1. The jam was lovely - not an overly sweet sickly jam. As it had cinnamon and clove in it, there was a subtle spicyness. I will update on the hexagon when I've put more of it together. If nothing else I figure I'm practicing for making a big patchwork quilt one day! x

  2. I haven't tried apple jam either, it looks good and much less hassle that making jelly. I love the little bookcase- so useful and I await the unfolding of the quilt! Jane xx