Saturday, 31 August 2013

On the cusp

Soon it will be September.  The weather is still rather warm here, and the evenings are not yet cool.  In the garden the robin is back making a racket after his summer quiet spell.  Unlike last year, every fruit is abundant and bursting with life. 

The brambles are fruiting early and unlike our one lonely apple on the tree last year, this year we have fifteen!

I'm not sure what these beautiful berries are, although I assumed they aren't edible just in case.

The large rose bush is still flowering madly after months of  activity.  I shall miss being able to bring in some blooms to put in the house.

Summer is getting past its glorious best, and everything in the garden looks a little overblown after all the exertion and growth.  Only the sedum looks like it is on the verge of something lovely.  The tomatoes are slowly ripening, we have had a much better crop this year and we have a number of courgettes ready which I think we will make into soup.

When summer gathers up her robes of glory, and like a dream of beauty glides away. 
 -  Sarah Helen Power Whitman


  1. I love September and I'm keen to go our blackberrying, they are amazing this year aren't there?
    I really enjoyed your post, it captures this strange in-between time of year. Jane xx
    ps the little red berries are 'woody nightshade' and you were right, not good to eat!

    1. Hi Jane We want to find a good sloe source soon as well. The berries and fruit have been wonderful this year.

      I thought the berries looked dubious. Unless berries are obvious (like brambles) I always assume they are poisonous! Hope the birds can enjoy them though. x