Saturday, 19 January 2013

January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow

The snow and cold weather have finally arrived.  After a warm wet December, it seems only right somehow.  As soon as the snow arrived we were out with our camera.  Its a very odd dull light that makes everything look monochrome during the day, and yet at night the snow creates its own glowing light.  The trees were looking particularly enchanting; snow looks so pure and beautiful, I feel its not worth thinking too much about the slush and the coming thaw that makes everything look tarnished and grubby again.

January is here, with eyes that keenly glow,
A frost-mailed warrior
striding a shadowy steed of snow.
Edgar Fawcett

Of winter's lifeless world each tree
Now seems a perfect part;
Yet each one holds summer's secret
Deep down within its heart.
Charles G. Stater

The snow is lying very deep.
My house is sheltered from the blast.
I hear each muffled step outside,
I hear each voice go past.
But I'll not venture in the drift
Out of this bright security,
Till enough footsteps come and go
To make a path for me.
Agnes Lee

Bare branches of each tree
on this chilly January morn
look so cold so forlorn.
Gray skies dip ever so low
left from yesterday's dusting of snow.
Yet in the heart of each tree
waiting for each who wait to see
new life as warm sun and breeze will blow,
like magic, unlock springs sap to flow,
buds, new leaves, then blooms will grow.
- Nelda Hartmann
And in the garden at Hazel Cottage, everything is covered in snow and we've increased the amount of food we put out for the birds.  The blackbirds and robins and blue tits are coming to the feeders often and the woodpigeons are ever present.  Only the joyful yellow of the winter jasmine is peeking through the snow.    Spring feels very far away...


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    1. Thanks Jill, the snow makes everything look beautiful! Even our garden which is a mess :) x