Saturday, 14 April 2012

Patchwork cushion joy

After a morning at our local church helping to clear up the garden, I  came home determined to finish my patchwork cushion.  Mr C and I had put together the design a couple of weeks back:-

I started sewing it a week ago but had been too busy since and was dubious about my ability to even complete it.  I am a complete novice at anything other than basic hand sewing but really want to make pretty homemade items for Hazel Cottage and figure that even if I'm not particularly good, I am at least learning!  Even though I struggled at times, and it isn't as exact as it should be, I am incredibly proud of the end result!



  1. Lovely cushion and love the colours. Julie xxx

    1. Thanks Julie, we took ages to arrange all the patches and I am very proud of it. Liz xx

  2. Hi Liz, me again, thanks for your comment on my stall, actually I had come across this woman before, in a charity shop and she was harking on in there about 1940s knitting patterns! That cushion is still lovely and happy. Julie xxx