Sunday, 18 September 2016

For the love of cream and green

One of the questions we asked ourselves the other day was 'how much Woods Beryl Ware is too much?'.  We've been sorting through our cupboards even though it isn't spring and discovered that we do have quite a lot.  Most of this was purchased in charity shops for very little money and is a classic design which a lot of people owned in this country for a long time, hence why is found quite often.

After Mr C packed it away in various places, I noticed how much older kitchenware is based on the theme of cream and green.  It is such a lovely combination and along with classics like the blue and white Cornish ware, make up much of our kitchen.

There is something rather calming about these colours to me.  They speak of home.

We have collected a few different designs, these are T&G Green Streamline and Kleenware pots.
We are very proud of the dresser in our dining room.  Almost all of the pieces were bought for very little money in charity shops, at car boot sales and on eBay.  The dresser itself was an online purchase, painted by Mr C when we moved into Hazel Cottage.
A recent addition to our dresser is a plain white plate I bought at a charity shop, which I painted in a rough approximation of Bloomsbury design.  I'm quite proud of it, it isn't precise or exact, but the colours were ones that went very well with our other crockery and it was the first time I have used porcelain paints.

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