Saturday, 16 January 2016

King Winter is now in the land

We are very lucky here and haven't suffered from any flooding.  It does feel however that we've had rain most days since before Christmas.  Until recently we haven't really had much of a winter, the odd warm weather has made it feel like a perennial autumn.  Then suddenly winter has arrived and we are getting frosts and sunny days.
So in order to make the best of the beautiful wintry weather, we set off early for a walk on the South Downs this morning.
The frost covered everything, and glittered and shone, even the grass was tinted with silver and white.

We walked through beech tree avenues, and across farmland where only recently deep ridges of mud would have made it difficult to walk through.  Now they are frozen hard with puddles now sheets of ice.

There was a lovely light through the trees, and we saw a number of robins, finches and blackbirds along the way and possibly a bird of prey far into the distance.  We also saw a yellow headed bird which I think was a siskin on the edge of the woodland.

The hedgerow was filled with plenty of berries, often seen to be a sign of a hard winter.  I read recently that it is more a sign of a warm autumn, so I'm not sure what is true now!

The walk has made me feel quite enthused about perhaps doing more painting although trying to recreate the frost and ice is somewhat beyond my talents...

‘King Winter is now in the land.
He reigns with cold and freezing hand.
He makes Jack Frost touch nose and toe,
and brings us bright and shiny snow.
M. Meyerkort


  1. Lovely photos . . . your winter walk seemed very exhilarating.
    Thanks for allowing us to tag along.
    Have a marvelous day!
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely walk. I used to enjoy walking the South Downs years ago, when we lived in West Sussex for a while.

  3. It looks like a lovely walk & I like the poem verse too x