Friday, 23 October 2015

Nostalgia and mince pies

When I was talking to a work colleague recently I mentioned that I was planning to make my mince meat the following weekend.  The reaction I got was almost the attitude of why bother when you can buy it easily enough.  

I'm used to people thinking that cooking from scratch or making anything is too much effort.  Each year I make my own mincemeat, Christmas pudding and Christmas cake and I love doing it. 

It is part of the seasonal way we like to live our lives.  In January we often make marmalade out of traditional Seville oranges, in summer I often make jam out of raspberries we grow in the garden, and in autumn we forage for berries and nuts and make things out of them.  Part of it is loving growing things, cooking things and being creative, part of it is a form of nostalgia - a love of the past and the way things were done in the past. 


Part of the reason I got into blogging was that there is a lovely online community (or lots of communities actually) where others are making things from scratch, loving reading and living in the past.  Blogs are generally gentle, entertaining and wonderful places where likeminded people can congregate.  I started reading Fading Grace's blog some years ago, and whilst Sophie has moved on to different projects I guess, she was very influential on me at the time and I miss her blogs.   I've found a wonderful world of people who love many of the same things as me.  Some of the current blogs and pages I'm loving are:    Sarah Miller Walters fab blog on old films    A great project by Nicole who has published magazines, books and runs a society called the Nostalgianeers

Luckily I'm of an age where I don't really care whether everyone shares my interests - but I do think a lot of people do miss out by just living a very limited modern life where they miss out on very creative and interesting things because they are afraid to admit they enjoy it.


  1. I have been away for a while and you are so right, reading our favourite blogs is such a pleasure. I too miss Fading Grace. I don't like mincemeat, so every year I try to find a substitute for mince pies. I've now made cinnamon swirls and I think I may have succeeded! I share your pleasure in seasonal activities, they give such balance to life. Jane x

    1. Cinnamon swirls sound lovely! I do love blog land, this is only a very small blog, but there are lots to discover.