Friday, 23 January 2015

Marmalade time

Over the weekend I made a double batch of seville orange marmalade.  This meant two kilos of oranges and four kilos of sugar so the kitchen is still very slightly sticky a few days later.  I don't know whether it is just me, but I find marmalade far harder to get right than jam.  All the books say it takes 10 minutes of boiling before the marmalade has reached setting point and virtually very single time I've made it, it takes more like 45 minutes at least.

I used a River Cottage recipe, which was a whole fruit method.  I started with my lovely fragrant seville oranges...

I then simmer the oranges in water for an hour or so until they are soft.

The pips are taken out and the peel is sliced into small slivers
The peel, sugar and water are added with any juice and slowly brought to the boil whilst stirring until the sugar has dissolved.
When it gets to a rolling boil, keep it boiling.  The books all tell me that it should be boiling for 10-15 minutes, but it ALWAYS takes longer than that.

After a lot of boiling, finally I have twelve jars of marmalade. 
In the darkness of midwinter it is lovely to create something bright and warm and glorious.


  1. It's lovely having all of those pots lined up though isn't it, the stickiness is worth it. Yes I find jam easier, I also prefer jam so only make enough marmalade for 3 or 4 pots. Probably cheaper to buy the stuff ready made but I like the process. x

    1. Oh I love the whole process too. Home made is far nicer in so many ways :)

  2. I failed to make any jam in 2014....your post has reminded how much pleasure comes from a jar of jam, especially when given as a gift.

    1. I do love making jam and chutneys. Our larder is rather full now so I ought to give some away!