Thursday, 28 August 2014

A kind of alchemy with vinegar

The whole house now smells of vinegar - that must mean that it's chutney season.  First chutney of the season is green tomato chutney, one of my old favourites.

It's a recipe I've not used before, its by Darina Allen, and needs a kilo of green tomatoes and a kilo of apples and is spiced with ginger, allspice and black pepper.  We had some leftover apples from a recent visit to family in Devon and our garden is filled with green tomatoes.  The weather has meant some of them were starting to split so we decided to pick a load of them for chutney.

It feels like a kind of alchemy to turn chopped up fruit and vegetables and use vinegar spices and salt to turn them into a chutney.  I hope to make some of Mr C's favourite marrow pickle later in the year.  If all goes to plan I hope to donate a couple of jars of each type to our Christmas Fayre in late November. 

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