Monday, 27 January 2014

Our annual birdwatch

Each year the RSPB ask people to spend an hour making a note of the birds they see in their garden and then upload the results to their website.  We like to take part and do our bit to help out as we feed birds in our garden all year round.  I think last year's bird watch was the quietest day bird wise in the whole year, but it was soon after we had snow so they had an excuse. 

This year was far busier, although the blue tits we usually see every day were a little shy.  The idea is that you make a count of the most of each type of birds you see in the garden at one time over the course of one hour.  This is to stop you counting the same birds several times!  We fed the birds and went back inside and started our count.

Our count came to:

1 crow
2 wrens
1 robin
5 blackbirds
3 collared doves
9 starlings
5 goldfinches
2 magpies
1 woodpigeon
1 sparrow
2 blue tits

 Those little nimble musicians of the air, that warble forth their curious ditties, with which nature hath furnished them to the shame of art. 
Izaak Walton


  1. For us it was just Starlings, Starlings, Starlings and a brief Pigeon flypast!

    1. We've never seen so many starlings as we have this autumn and winter. There seem to be a slight resurgence in our area at the moment. I guess you always get hundreds of them!

  2. You are so lucky seeing so many birds in your garden. We have very few visiting because of the neighbours cats! Our cat is an indoor cat but we have half a dozen neighbouring cats that visit each day and the birds wont come near!

    1. We have a few cats near to us, but most of them don't spend a lot of time in our garden. There is just the one white car who I think goes after the birds, but we chase him away a lot!