Monday, 13 May 2013

A sudden burst of creativity...

About six months ago I planned to make a new patchwork cushion to go on our bed.  A few weeks later I cut out the squares and planned how I was going to do it.  Just before Christmas I started hand sewing a few squares together.  Then about March I marked out the rest of the squares.  The half sewn squares looked rather pretty strewn on the table in the study for a few weeks, but they weren't becoming a cushion any time soon.
Spot the bits of material not becoming a cushion, bottom right.
The garden starting calling my time and effort, and there has been a lot of work to be done. This weekend after quite a lot of problems getting the sewing machine to work (due to me probably not understanding the technical aspects), Mr C managed to sort me out. 

We made some bunting to go out the front of the house for next weekend's 'Open Garden' day (terrifyingly we are allowing the people in our church to walk around our garden for charity, more of that next weekend), then I not only started on the cushion but actually finished it entirely and found time to also make a simple dress for my old childhood doll Tina.

Finally completed!!

Tina and her halter neck summer dress and matching hair band!
And now the table in the study just features a small vase of the wonderful lilacs that are gracing the bottom of the garden.  I just hope the lilac will still be out next weekend so people wont notice the weeds at that end of the garden!

I'm really a complete beginner with sewing other than some very simple projects, but I'm so pleased that I've managed to get some bits and pieces done and they don't look too bad.  I will take a picture of the bunting at the weekend, and report back on how the open garden goes....


  1. ~ Dear Liz, I so love your Dolly..and her pretty out fit! and of course your completed lovely! ahh Lilacs are so special! I can't wait till I can cut some for my vase too! ~ with kindest thoughts...Maria x

    1. Thanks Maria, I've had Tina since I was very little and when I discovered her when we moved a couple of years ago she looked a little sad and forlorn. I'm hoping the lilac flowers haven't been blown away by this horrible weather this week! x