Thursday, 4 April 2013

Easter weekend and the missing simnel cakes

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, when I thought about my post I had to add in a picture of a lamb.  This one belongs to my sister in law.  It was being taken for a walk a few weeks ago.

A year ago the spring bulbs were out in our garden and looking resplendant in the spring warmth.

This year they are still tightly in bud and despite the increased daylight hours, nothing is warm for very long and they remain closed.   We've read that this has been the coldest Easter weekend for some years, and I must agree as I sit here typing with a blanket on my knees!   I was very pleased to help our church flower ladies this Easter and am really quite proud of my first major display.

I don't know whether its the cold weather, but we've seen some different birds in the garden lately - a pair of wrens flitting around our herb pots near to the back door, and a small group of chaffinches feeding at the end of the garden with the blackbirds.  Mr C has taken a few pictures which I hope to post soon.

We did a lot of cooking over Easter, and instead of my usual large simnel cake I did mini simnel cakes.  I would have taken pictures but they were so lovely most of them have been eaten! I did take a picture of our Easter tree though

I must also continue with my patchwork cushion... 


  1. Hello....~ of course I had to comment on 'Sweet Lambie' being taken for a walk... hehe....(Honestly I have been saying my prayers for the baby lambs born right now....soo very cold )We took a walk over Easter and I must say...Spring is slow coming..Last year we were basking in a very warm spring time...~ Take time to dream and thank you for kind visits...Maria x

    1. Thanks Maria, it seemed right to post a picture of a lamb, in spite of the cold weather. Hope Spring is sprung very soon!


  2. ~ Hello just wanted to say naughty blogger is messing about with your posties at the moment...I can't seem to view them! I will keep trying of course...With 'Twinkles' *** Maria x

    1. How odd! We are posting another at the weekend so hopefully you will be able to view it Liz x