Friday, 24 August 2012

A certain kind of light

Driving through Dorset early evening

I don't know whether its artistic sensibility or something learned or just luck, but I've always been quite good at working out whether a photograph will work out or not.  Sometimes its being able to frame something so the general composition works but other times it is just sheer luck and taking chances and hoping it works.  The last time we were down in Devon for a few days I took some chances when the weather was actually good enough to go outside...

I was rather obsessed by the sky not having rain clouds in it!
I loved the light in the late afternoon

Now we are in late August and the sun shines in the late afternoon there is a certain kind of warm glow.  It is the kind of light that makes me want to take endless photographs and try to capture that fleeting moment in time.  Mr C has been managing to capture some wonderful photographs of the myriad spiders and moths at Hazel Cottage in the last few weeks.  All of them finding their way into the kitchen before being set free.

Red-belted clearwing moth, or apple clearwing
Brimstone Moth
Silver-ground carpet moth

In the vegetable garden, the garlic and shallots have been dug up, the beans and tomatoes seem to be doing something finally, and the carrots and beetroot are still growing.  We've eaten one of the cauliflowers and hopefully have two more to harvest. 

The great pickling season has already begun with some garlic being pickled and a jar of chinese pickled vegetables being made.  We are collecting blackberries at the moment and hope to make some bramble jam soon. For my birthday I was given some equipment to start my new project of soft cheese making.  I will report back when I make a start....


  1. I have just found your lovely blog via Aunt Jane`s Attic and have been enjoying your older posts and beautiful photographs. You must live somewhere not too far from us as you have posted about the same National Trust gardens as I have in the past. I love your photographs which follow the seasons in your own garden, and the moths in this post are stunning.
    Best wishes, Dartford Warbler ( from the New Forest)

    1. Hi Dartford Warbler and thanks for your ocmments, glad to see you on our blog. Yes we aren't far from the New Forest so probably comment on the exact same places! I will pop over to your blog and say hello