Monday, 19 March 2012

Wild garlic and the hen house

Last week we went on a wonderful spring walk in the woods.  The weather was warm and sunny, the birds were almost deafening us with their singing and I even managed to impress myself (and Mr C) by recognising wild garlic in the hedgerow.  We even saw a buzzard soaring high above the trees.  It was one of those days when all seemed right with the world and we didn't want to go indoors at all. 

We are getting better at recognising plants and flowers I think, although I didn't know what this one was - if anyone knows, please let us know:

We also managed to make a few vintage and antique purchases whilst we were away.  I saw a simple painting of a hen house in an antiques shop.  It would have been easy to ignore, it wasn't framed and it wasn't particularly old.  But there was something I loved about it - it kind of reminded me of Duncan Grant or Gwen John paintings in its colouring, even though it was just of a little hen house, a bonfire and some hens. When we brought it home we managed to find a frame that actually fitted (always a surprise in Hazel Cottage where few of the pictures and frames ever fit each other).  It now takes pride of place in our dining room, and despite my awful photo of it, we both really love it.

The new daffodils at Hazel Cottage are taking their time to bloom, but we continue to prepare the garden, planting the raspberry canes and clearing the area around our apple tree so we can start sowing grass seed later on.  Seeds for the veg bed are being sown and I am thinking about moving my love-in-the-mist seedlings  around the garden in patches.  There will soon be lighter evenings and an awful lot to do....


  1. I love the woods at the beginning of the Spring. I think the little flower is a speedwell. There is a paler version that tends to grow out on grassy, sunny places but I think this looks like the Germander variety (page 42 of 'Flower fairies of the Spring'!). I like your hen house painting- it does have a lovely gentle colour and I too love Gwen John's painting. I'm so glad I found your blog. Jane

    1. Hi Jane, welcome to our little blog. Thanks for the identification of the flower, I'm not bad on some wild flowers, but still have a lot to learn. Flower fairies of the Spring sounds like a lovely book :) Liz