Saturday, 28 January 2012

January in Devon

A Friday evening's motoring down to Devon to see the family. Heading down on a winter's night usually means quieter roads although you miss out on the beautiful Dorset countryside.

Saturday morning and to Modbury. A lovely village with lots of splendid shops. Modbury has a super St Luke's Hospice charity shop that is brimming with old bits and pieces. Last time we were here we came away with a framed portrait of Edward VIII. This time, a 1935 jubilee mug (yes, we're Royalists in case it's not obvious) and a 1926 Arthur Rackham print.

Sunday dawned grey and overcast but didn't put us off a wander around the farm and off down the country lanes.

Pigs expecting food! (they'd only just been fed of course)

A quiet Devon lane.  We only saw one car in about two hours, it was very peaceful.  We wandered and stopped to notice the hedgerows and banks along the roads.  It is easy to think that because it is winter that everything is dormant and colourless, but looking closely we found some beautiful plants, fungi and lichen that were very much alive and full of colour.

Scarlet Elf Cap
Lichen growing on dead twigs and branches


  1. Oh the piggys are so cute,the walk you had looks a very pretty place to be.Love Jill xx

  2. It was lovely! The pigs were really funny and overly enthusiastic so it was a miracle we got a decent picture :)