Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas at Hinton Ampner

A bright and frosty morning at Hazel Cottage this Saturday. Certainly a lot nicer than this evening where rain and wind is battering us.We've not had weather this bad for quite a while.

It was the perfect weather for a trip to another of our favourite National Trust houses, Hinton Ampner near Cheriton in Hampshire.

The cold weather had brought out hundreds of these mushrooms in the gardens.

The old door inside All Saints Church in the grounds of Hinton Ampner. A church has stood on the site since Saxon times.

The house decorated for Christmas. To be honest we didn't like what they'd done. A theme of white. White tree, presents, food, lights! Fine for Narnia but not for an old English house.

Library did look lovely though. All in all a lovely day away from the shopping crowds and then home for our local Church christmas meal.

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